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Hangzhou Johnson hardware furniture co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, design, production, sales as one of professional company, dedicated to the production of steel, aluminum and other metal structure and its main office furniture, civil furniture, accessories products. The company has introduced automatic high-tech production equipment, has a perfect production management system, after 20 years of exploration and improvement, products have been exported to the americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, more than 80 countries and regions such as southeast Asia, widely favored by domestic and foreign merchants, has important role in metal furniture industry.

Each industry has its own particularity, corresponding to when choosing office furniture, also can differ because of industry demand particularity. Nowadays, the division of labor is more fine, the development of office furniture industry is more and more mature, and the demand for office furniture is more clearly defined. Without good office furniture, the office efficiency will naturally decrease, so we should try our best to meet the needs of consumers.

The government, the public institution - the dark traditional style, builds the stable, the rigorous office atmosphere.

Due to the relationship of its responsibilities, government agencies are scrupulous in style and strict control, so the office furniture of government departments and public institutions is best suited to conservative colors such as deep coffee, grey and black. In the style, most of the traditional style mainly, the connotation of low-key and low-key, also can show the cultural background of the one side of the soil and water; In the material, most choose solid wood, in the vision because its unique sense appears atmosphere and solemn, accord with this industry characteristic.

2. Network technology enterprises -- colorful and metallic texture, to create the modern trend of the industrial age.

High-tech enterprises, with many young and passionate entrepreneurs, have active thinking and rigorous and rapid execution. So when choosing furniture, most of the companies in love full of design feeling is not trival design, because they are advocates of pragmatism, so the application of ergonomics in the very prominent; At the same time, they like the unique visual effect of metal texture to office space, which echoes the modernization of this industry.

3. Education enterprise -- simple atmosphere, natural and comfortable is the favorite.

Teaching is the most important and noble cause of the society. As every education person, with the expectation of the future of the young, the responsibility of the body is also huge. So the office space should be simple and rich cultural background, color can choose a few vibrant blue and green as an ornament, the traditional wind restoring ancient ways is also a kind of let a person mind peaceful good choice; The function can give consideration to cooperation, communication, and easy to receive articles, documents.

4. magazine, newspaper, advertisement and other cultural industries -- open creative office space can help inspire inspiration.

Such practitioners often need more creative thinking because of industry demands. They advocate freedom and individuality expression, so open office space is helpful for them to extend their thinking, avoid depressing and inflexible. Should reduce the use of screen work place as far as possible, use the design pattern that has unique clever idea more, and the color that seems to be free of one body is mixed together; The glass and metal materials are suitable for them, adding some DIY elements to add more features to the office.

So when choosing office furniture, should choose office furniture according to different demand, come to design plan. Hangzhou dechang hardware furniture co., LTD., there are many kinds of office furniture, no matter what kind of industry you are engaged in, there is always a suitable one for you.

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