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Office furniture industry development, the wind and rain all the way hard all the way, the choice of the development of industry faces is more, in terms of channels in the Internet under the force of various office furniture enterprise has to subdivide channels is infinite, but the present office furniture enterprise is exploring online mode, the offline channels is still the main battleground of the future, the present distribution channel is numerous, companies still need to be careful of.

Single channel and multiple channels.

When all office furniture products of the enterprise are sold directly by the sales department, or all of them to dealers, it is called single channel. Multiple channels may be direct channels in the region and indirect channels in the field; In some areas exclusive distribution, in other areas multiple distribution; Long channel for consumer market, short channel for production data market. For the office furniture industry, multi-channel marketing is the most effective way to expand the market.

Direct distribution channel

Direct distribution channels means that the producer directly supplies the products to consumers or users, and no middlemen are involved. The form of direct distribution channel is: office furniture enterprise - consumer. Direct channel is the main type of office furniture distribution. Office furniture enterprises are the most common marketing methods in stores, but now the market does not constitute a competitive advantage.

Wide channels and narrow channels.

Channel width depends on the number of middlemen in each segment of the channel. The same kind of middleman that the enterprise USES, the distribution of product in the market is wide, call wide channel. For example, the whole office furniture industry is distributed by many wholesalers and resold to more retailers, which can reach consumers and sell products in large quantities. Companies use the same kind of middlemen, narrow distribution channels, known as the narrow channels, it usually is suitable for specialized products and or expensive durable consumer goods, by a reseller featuring, several distribution. It makes it easier for manufacturers to control distribution, but the distribution of the market is limited.

Indirect distribution channel

Indirect distribution channel refers to the middleman's involvement in exchange activities by the producer using the middleman to supply the goods to consumers or users. Office furniture is a typical form of indirect distribution channel: office furniture manufacturers, distributors, retailers, consumers (a few) for group users at present, China's overall office furniture market demand or have a certain space, market potential still can continue to dig, and most of the office furniture market is gradually converted from a seller's market to a buyer's market. At the same time, for office furniture products sales, the proportion of market regulation has increased significantly. Therefore, how to use the indirect channel to make the wide distribution of office furniture products has become one of the important research topics in the marketing of modern office furniture enterprises.

Analysis of offline channel mode of office furniture industry.


Office furniture enterprises are experiencing the bottleneck of market development, and it has become an unchangeable fact to carry out multi-channel marketing and channel management for a long time. Of course, the development prospect of office furniture industry is bright still, each big office furniture enterprise must be in the exploration ceaseless progress, grope for the development path that suits oneself.

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