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The impetus for the development of furniture enterprises is still very strong. Recently, new production lines broke ground, new stores opened, new stores opened, new furniture factories were built, and there was a lot of news. All this shows that the Chinese furniture industry has not stopped moving forward.

China's economy is entering a period of change, and this year is a crucial year for economic transformation. According to the macroeconomic performance of the past three quarters, China's economic development is all right, and new economic development momentum is gaining momentum.

In terms of furniture industry, we see the pace of expansion and progress, and we also see the bottleneck of many enterprises experiencing development.

Whether it is the construction of new production lines, the modern layout of the new factory or the implementation of the new marketing strategy, all these are not as important as the proper implementation of the talent strategy. China's furniture industry is entering a new period of growth driven by talent.

Relying on funds, relying on the product, relying on the scale, relying on the channel, is better than relying on the talent exploration, more reliable, longer.

Furniture companies are not good at using senior talent.

Furniture manufacturing enterprises generally operate on a small scale. Throughout the country, few enterprises have annual output value of over ten billion yuan.

Furniture enterprise universal popular family system management, more to the senior talent's extension and use increase the invisible threshold.

As a result of these two genes, we seldom see the furniture industry has a successful professional managers, some enterprises are also trying to introduce professional managers, but most of the work time is shorter, popped the departure news soon.

It is difficult for furniture enterprises to employ professional managers, and it has a lot to do with the characteristics of the industry. As a special manufacturing industry, furniture industry is very different from other manufacturing industries. However, some professional managers come across the boundary and know little about the furniture industry, so they begin to complete the extremely heavy performance appraisal task. In some professional managers' resignation, it shows that the furniture industry is still quite a layman. The failure of professional managers has aggravated the doubt and distrust of furniture entrepreneurs on professional management talents, resulting in a vicious circle.

Is not only a small furniture enterprises mainly by entrepreneurs in the appearance alone, or have been husband and wife in the business enterprise, is a few large furniture enterprises, and some have been listed company, for the selection of professional managers, also in the majority with failure. Some ceos leave after less than a year in office, which once attracted the attention of the capital market.

Is moving towards modernization, Chinese furniture enterprises to build more and more factories, the scale is more and more big, the personal strength obviously difficult to support, to rely on entrepreneurs furniture enterprises must use, a senior talent or growth bottlenecks, will eventually lead to the enterprise with the defeated in the competition of the strong.

Looking at the examples of well-known enterprises huawei and lenovo, we can see that the success and failure of management are very important to the survival of enterprises. Similarly, the giant of private enterprise, lenovo is already in decline, its most influential failure is the failure of mobile phone business management, and the failure of employing people leads to the decline of performance. The most important success of huawei's mobile phone business is the success of employing strategy, which brings together the whole group and competes with the world's top competitors.

Talent is more important than equipment and money.

In the furniture industry, the equipment investment is important, money is strong or not is one of the life and death of enterprises, however, in the furniture companies eyeing up today for the entire market, competition among furniture enterprises will quickly escalate to the highest form of competition, the competition between talents.

Under the background of enterprise asset securitization, the supply of funds will flow continuously as long as the enterprise has good market performance. And good market performance is required by the management team to create.

Therefore, in the present and future, the market performance of furniture enterprises will increasingly become the decisive factor of market competition, that is, the performance of talents will become the decisive factor of market competition.

Talent is needed to be discovered, enabled, managed, supervised, trusted, motivated. Leaders in a lot of link, the talent to use knowledge and means, to maximize the power of the team will play, otherwise, one man to entrepreneurs, with efficient management and power integration of the tiger, only a failure.

The key of management is nothing more than: the tube is not dead, put and not disorderly.

Companies are not hard to survive; It is too big to be managed. The management of the furniture enterprise is the life and death that must be passed.

Grass-roots talent management is also extremely important.

The production line management and sales management of furniture enterprises are also important, which is the main mining area of human resource maximization.

The furniture production is difficult to scale, so in the raw material purchase, lean production, reduce waste, intelligent application, there are many important upgrade and transformation space. Every penny wasted in production is a waste of profits. Therefore, it is very important to attach importance to the management of production. Of course, production management has always been the focus of the furniture business, compared with other aspects of management, most enterprises are experienced. But the new change factor is the younger generation of production line workers, which is bringing many new problems. How to find ways to build a stable military environment in the new workers and build their long-term confidence and loyalty in the enterprise is a realistic problem that must be solved at present.

It is a very important task to stabilize the base staff.

The establishment of the sales team is a top priority for the sales enterprise. A good sales enterprise can build a loyal and reliable staff team with strong business ability; Poor sales enterprises, relying on the individual strength of entrepreneurs, support a store; A few more sales enterprises, can only survive in prosperity, once the market has the wind, the loss. The establishment and management of the sales talent team is the core competitiveness of the sales enterprise.

China's consumption is escalating, the market is expanding and the level of competition is rising. The ultimate competition is the ability of talents to explore, manage and integrate.

In the future, the new growth kinetic energy of furniture manufacturing enterprises and sales enterprises is mainly derived from human exploration.

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