Dechang takes the new product to the guangzhou international fair in 2018, stunning office environment exhibition. Addtime:2018.04.01 Clicks:4073次

In march, the spring sunshine, the home industry in the world of surprise.

The 41st China (guangzhou) international furniture fair, held in guangzhou pazhou Canton fair pavilion hot, as one of the jewels in the global furniture exhibition organizers, so far has been held continuously for forty years, always enjoy China's furniture industry barometer.

House fair in the second period, bend force makes "wisdom office, on-demand and become" office environment, mass and known by audience gathered in the turbulent stream of people have, enthusiasm never lose out.

People from the world furniture is focused on the stage, as permanent brand of home expo, Dechang with many new blockbuster, full display Dechang as a brand enterprise of frontier and excellent research and development, manufacturing strength.

Compared to take in everything in a glance of the show, Dechang's booth design are some of the mystique, aroused people's curiosity to find out, it is composed of perforated steel plate inside and outside space, apart from a myriad of through hole in the booth space in the world, fully show seems to isolate the implicit beauty, not into the far see a new world.


Leadership concern

During the exhibition, dechang received the attention and care of leaders at all levels. Wang ke, President of guangdong furniture association, zhang chengzhi, secretary-general of guangdong furniture association, visited, inspected and communicated with the exhibition area.


A visit to maca

The industry has visited the exhibition area to visit and communicate.Ni liangzheng,Shijian,Zhangxujun,President of sunon came to my pavilion.Chen dechang, chairman of dechang furniture and hardware co., LTD.discuss the industry trends and explain and demonstrate the new products.



Exhibition popularity

Four days, thousands of businessmen gathered. The booth area of dechang has attracted wide attention with its high popularity and high matching customer groups. It is the "popular king" in the exhibition area of office accessories. The many products of dechang attract the attention of the customers, stop and observe and cooperate with the staff.



New product series

Original leading industry trend elements, opening a new generation of office furniture visual enjoyment, attracting numerous customers to the first comparison.

DD-12T- 03-DD03, unique package design, smooth and beautiful, elegant and fluent, the lifting table instantly integrated into one.

DD-16X, on the basis of the original lifting table, increases the design of the free tilt table of the desktop, which can meet different office requirements from height and Angle respectively.

DD- 16-01-DD02-ZD, table legs can be folded in the design of the table, so that it is convenient to install the lifting table, which is the crystallization and essence of excellent technology.

The training table ZF-15 is optimized for the opening device, which can adjust the position of the pull rod to reach the best grip distance between the hand and the pull rod, so that it can be easily flipped over.

Fall in love with the minimalist, new product DT series platform, mobile lift. Free movement, easy conversion of the site as needed; Easy to rise and fall, adjust height for many occasions.


Field welfare

At the dechang exhibition hall, we can enjoy the fruits and tea.

The trip was worthwhile. Dechang will use more environmental protection material, health product, the more intelligent system, bring new office experience, and adhering to the "our credit gives our confidence for keeping beyond" the corporate philosophy, to enhance product awareness, enhance the influence of both at home and abroad, expand the market, the pursuit of customer satisfaction and make unremitting efforts.